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From the desk of Lydia Sierra
Warwick, Rhode Island

Dear Nonprofit Leader,

Do you need to raise serious funds but lack an institutionalized development department that can plan and implement a comprehensive fund development plan?

Do you need to diversify your revenue base, with substantial foundation and government funding, in order to continue strengthening and growing your organization?

Do you have a major funder wish list, but need strategic support approaching, developing, or strengthening relationships with them?

If you need to implement a robust and sustainable fund development strategy, but gaps in your organizational capacity are creating roadblocks to action…

Then this letter is for YOU!

Here’s Why
There IS a way to strategically build a stable base of support that will allow your organization to achieve programmatic goals, run successful capital campaigns, ensure operational integrity, and build the internal capacity necessary to achieve your mission.

You CAN remove all barriers and institute a fund development strategy that will serve your organization for decades to come.

Sound Intriguing? 

My name is Lydia Sierra. It has taken me decades to develop tried and true methods that will help you reach your fundraising goals AND develop a portfolio of diverse funding sources!
I have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from government sources, foundations, corporations, and individual donors for a wide array of nonprofit organizations.

I have trained dozens of nonprofit founders, board members, and executive directors to:

  • Evaluate and formalize their strategic fund development goals
  • Develop fundraising plans with clear action steps to achieve those goals
  • Develop the facility to build invested, long-term relationships with funders
  • Cultivate funders who give in many ways

I have a background in community organizing — it was this experience that allowed me to see how funds and resources flow in communities.

I learned the power of grassroots movements.

I learned that individuals and communities, even poor communities, invest millions of dollars in programs and services they care about.

I also have a faith background, and I learned from faith-based communities to serve with time and expertise, as well as wealth.

I understand the mindset of a faithful steward of the community.

I use all of these experiences to customize fundraising strategies that will work for you.

Get assessment tools, toolkits, and a treasure chest of strategies.
My True Purpose
As a young mother in the Bronx who had lost my own parents to the dual drug and AIDS epidemics that ravaged my community, I scraped and clawed my way towards a future where I could lift my family up and address the challenges and inequalities I saw firsthand throughout my life.

My life experiences gave me a unique aptitude for understanding and addressing the needs of underrepresented urban communities, and I worked in the nonprofit sector for more than two decades, gaining hands-on experience with a variety of focuses, including youth development, juvenile justice, family services, and community organizing. 

This work provided me with practical knowledge around managing nonprofit administration, working with faith-based communities, developing community partnerships, and designing community programs.

After completing a Master's degree in Human Services Administration and completing two years of doctoral studies, I founded my own nonprofit to support low-income families in the Bronx. Funding was slow, and the grants were small — but I persevered. 

We were making an impact in a community that really needed our services. When I started my nonprofit, I incorporated it myself, I developed the Board, I applied for the 501c3, I wrote the proposals, I developed the partnerships. Soon, we had expanded to multiple programs and were on a growth trajectory to helping hundreds of families. 

Other nonprofit leaders took notice and started approaching me for help developing their organizations. I started consulting and eventually established my full-time consulting practice. I had truly found my purpose.

I Discovered That I LOVE Helping Nonprofit Leaders

I LOVE helping leaders navigate the everyday struggles of managing a nonprofit organization.

I LOVE helping nonprofit organizations raise funds and resources.

I LOVE strengthening organizations that are really making an impact in their communities.

I have worked for over 20 years in the nonprofit field, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars to support vital community work. I am a human service professional, an organizational development specialist, and a fundraising expert. I have developed assessment tools, toolkits, and a treasure chest of strategies to help nonprofit organizations grow to the next level.

It is my goal and heartfelt desire to help nonprofit leaders achieve their organizational missions and visions.

There is A LOT to Learn
Here’s a short list:
  • How to develop a foundation prospect list and plan a grants calendar
  • How to develop strong grant materials, including narratives, budgets, and supplemental materials
  • How to predict funding and cash flow to create useful projections and budgets
  • How to make your organization grant-ready and attract funding from federal, state, city, and private funders, as well as community foundations
  • How to attract corporate sponsors
  • How to develop and implement an effective grants management system
  • How to cultivate relationships with funders and plan campaigns and events, such as Funders’ Briefings, to raise your organization’s profile

All while maintaining your passion and embracing joy in your work!

I know this can sometimes seem like a dream when you're mired in challenges — to run a mission-oriented organization that impacts the lives of many while feeling enjoyment and satisfaction in your work.
But you can remove all roadblocks and gain momentum to energize your fund development work.

Keep it Simple! 

I think one of my gifts is my ability to simplify this process. My background is working with grassroots organizations, getting down to the nitty-gritty, working with community folk, providing training, pulling up my sleeves, and coaching people on how to get the work done.

As I’ve gone on to work with much larger, multi-million-dollar organizations, I’ve found that this approach is incredibly valuable and effective to organizations at every level, as we drill down on essential fund development goals and the action steps necessary to achieve them.

Here is Proof That My Strategy Works 
Since stepping into my true calling, I've been able to help so many nonprofit leaders raise the funds needed to fulfill their organizational mission.

Here are just a few testimonials I've received recently from my clients:

Is This For YOU? 
Are you ready to create MAJOR results towards your fund development goals? Do you meet the following criteria:

Are you in a senior leadership position at an established nonprofit organization?

Are you working towards large-scale programming goals?

Does your organization have a dedicated budget to invest in your fundraising initiatives?
Here’s My Offer

Your very own Fund Development Blueprint. 

This blueprint will illuminate how to achieve your fund development goals, from prospect research to grant management. No longer will you have to wonder and speculate about the best way to fundraise for your organization. Instead, you can focus on fulfilling your mission and supporting your community. 

Having my own coach put together a roadmap for my consulting business made all the difference for me. I’ve seen so many nonprofit leaders endure pain and suffering as they stumble down rocky paths without a map to help them navigate. There are so many experts, people who make a living coaching you to increase your chances of success without all the unnecessary stress. 

You’ll notice I said “unnecessary” stress. I’m not sugarcoating this process. Fund development is a lot of work, so you want to be sure you are doing the right work!

The first step is to join me on a free strategy call:
How It Works
I will make myself available to a small number of nonprofit executives like yourself.
You are not alone. It is my mission to help nonprofit leaders create and execute a fund development plan that will increase revenue and allow them to fulfill their missions with great impact on society and personal fulfillment.

I will make myself available to a small number of nonprofit executives like yourself.

On a one-on-one call, we will discuss your biggest fundraising challenges and goals.

We will figure out what is holding you back and identify any roadblocks that are in the way for you and your organization.

We will go over the Fund Development Blueprint and discuss how it can apply to the specific needs in your organization.

If, at the end of your Fund Development Assessment Call, I feel that you are a good fit for my services that will get you and your organization to your goals faster, I will discuss with you what that looks like and if you’d like to work together more closely in 2021.


Even if we do not end up working together further, you’ll leave at the end of the call with a Fund Development Blueprint that will help you get closer to your fundraising goals.

And I will live another day fulfilling my personal mission to help nonprofit leaders.


If this sounds like a great opportunity, this is your Call to Action!

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Time IS a Factor

This opportunity is limited.


Because of the intense one-on-one time needed for these calls, I can only work with a handful of people.

So, please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots won’t be open for long.

Here's What You Need To Do Next
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Why It's Smart and Risk-Free To Act Now
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There is no risk. You will walk away with valuable insight and recommendations to reach your fundraising goals, with absolutely no further commitment on your part!
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